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Nanopresso Wacaco Espresso Maker


Wacaco have taken the already successful Nanopresso and have released a very limited series, the Jungle range. Check out the Nanopresso Red Jungle! It shares all of the same qualities and features of the original Nanopresso but with a unique, bright and limited Jungle theme


The Nanopresso

Packed with new features and capabilities, which will drastically improve the way you prepare your favorite coffee, Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile and portable espresso machines. A truly unique addition to your coffee toolkit! Built around a newly patented pumping system, the Nanopresso is capable of reaching, with the help of your hands, a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for unparalleled coffee extractions qualities. With the Nanopresso, the power is in the machine, not in your hands.

Nanopresso Espresso

Whats Included:

  • Nanopresso Jungle Unit
  • Built-in Espresso Cup
  • 8g Filter Basket
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Limited Edition Protective Carry Case
  • Multi-languages Instruction Book
  • Warranty Card
  • Two Wacaco Stickers

Dimensions & Capacity:

  • 156mm H x 71mm D x 62mm W
  • Weight: 336g
  • Water Capacity: 80ml
  • Grind Capacity: 8g
  • Max. Pressure: 18 bar



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