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About Us

Hi! and welcome to The Coffee Beast Company.

We are all about brewing kick arse coffee at home, work, or on holiday’s using the latest state of the art brewing products on the market today!

Our company was formed to help amazing people discover beautiful tasting premium coffee that was affordable and convienient.

Basically the take anywhere solution. Don’t put up with average coffee just bring your own.

The Beginning Of Our Coffee Journey

We Didn’t Always Have Good Coffee At Our Fingertips!

At first we used to just drink traditional tea because it was easy and you were guaranteed a good cup. Instant coffee used to be another choice but this would leave us feeling empty and weird.

My experience was so limited and when I would buy a coffee it was usually no better than a cup of overpriced warm milk.

I knew there was amazing coffee out there but always thought you had to be a trained hipster Barista with a bearded face and live in Melbourne to create it.

Just never believed in myself that I too could create my own special coffee’s at home using my own hands.

My life changed after a month long trip to Morocco where we would drink coffee in the old Bazzars on the street with locals.

This opened my eyes to excellent specialty coffee, the process, the rituals, something about it appealed to me and I would never be the same.

Coffee had become part of my life forever!

After this trip, everything I used to like didn’t taste the same, I was super frustrated, I wanted to taste and experience the magic of coffee from my exotic trip again.

But I thought this just was not possible without moving to Morrocco.

Then, I had my ah-ha moment that would change my mornings and long days forever!

With the help of a dear friend who was trained extensivly in the art of coffee and had spent years living in Europe perfecting the best blend in the world.

He discovered the blend of a lifetime which brought incredible results.

Also he discovered new unique secret knowledge of brewing techniques passed down through generations in Europe, while combining the two to bring you the best solution to your coffee needs.

The Coffee Beast Was Formed

This is where the Coffee Beast company ventured out of the dark woods and into the light.

We want you to experience that feeling of making your best coffee at home for an affordable price.

Our customers to become passionate about coffee, learn more, grow and develop.

Buying our coffee means you are entering a longterm relationship where we want to change your life.  Make you a happier, more energetic and passionate lover of coffee.

We hope you join us on this quest!

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