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Kyocera CM-50CF Grinder



The Kyocera CM-50CF coffee grinder features a manual crank with adjustable non reactive ceramic grinding burrs that will never alter the flavour of the grinds, resulting in fresh, flavourful and pure coffee. The grinding mechanism is made from an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond that will never rust providing ultra long-life performance. The grind adjustment allows you to produce fine or coarse coffee and the base of the grinder has a non slip silicone ring that provides stability whilst you grind.

The grinder kit includes a lid for easy storage of the non static glass jar and its ground contents. Storage capacity of 100 grams Dishwashwer safe.

Whats Included:

  • CM-50CF Ceramic Grinder
  • Metal Handle
  • Anti-slippery Silicone Base
  • Glass Grinder Jar
  • Lid For Grinder Jar
  • Multi-language Instruction/Care Booklet

Dimensions & Capacity:

  • 185mm H x  90mm D x 90mm W (Excluding Handle)
  • Burr Size: 31mm Inner, 37mm Outer
  • Weight: 600g
  • Grind Storage Capacity: 100g



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