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Pour Over Coffee Kettle (Best Brew Results!)

Did you know that a good quality pour over coffee kettle can enhance your coffee drinking expereince ten fold?

There is so much that goes into creating that perfect hot drink than you love.

If you are the kind of person that want’s to be getting the best drinking experience then you are going to want to read on. You need the right tools to handle your coffee or tea.

Why spoil everything by skipping out on a major step, the pour over coffee kettle.

Here is a little comparison video to help show what we are talking about!

Kettle History

Up to the 1920s, if you wanted to boil water, you needed an open fire and a kettle.

By the 19th century, kettle makers switched from iron to copper.

The early 20th century saw the evolution of the kettle. The whistling kettle was one of the more common ways of heating drinking water prior to the advent of the electric kettle.

The first kettle to use electricity to heat water came from Carpenter Electric Company in Chicago in 1891.

Now the modern day kettle is found in more homes than any other appliance, and are constantly evolving and improving.

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Do You Need a Special Kettle for Pour Over Coffee?

Yes! It is all about total pour control.

Have you tried pouring water into a cup of flask uisng a short wide stout kettle? It can make such a mess and the water flow is so inconsistant and messy.

The gooseneck shape of the spout solves this problem with ease. That thin, long spout gives you complete control over the volume and flow rate.

Investing in a high quality pour over coffee kettle is one of the best ways to ensure an epic hot drink experience.

What Is a Pour Over Coffee Kettle?

The main device used to create top pour-over coffee is the gooseneck-style kettle. This product has a long spout for control and comes in either electric or stovetop styles.

This device has a significant effect on how great someone can brew a coffee. It is all about control over your water flow when brewing to have the perfect extraction.

Not over or under extracted, just right! The Pour Over Kettle enables you to achieve these results.

The pour-over kettle is proven to create high-quality results for freshly brewed coffee and hot steamed teas. 

Better extraction means better tasting coffee.

What is The Best Pour Over Kettle?

This is a very personal preferance, some people like fancy, some functional and then it probably comes down to cost.

Here are our top 5 Pour over kettles for you to check out:

  • Hario Buono V60 Drip Kettle
  • Able Level Pour Over Kettle
  • Brewista Artisan Kettle
  • Fellow Stag Electric kettle

Pour Over Coffee Features

The best things about choosing a gooseneck coffee kettle is the vast array of features that are included in most of the better kettles.

Kettles have come a long way. They are not just kettles and now customers can choose between electric gooseneck kettles and stovetop kettles.

Features in kettles these days include:

  • Timers
  • Special materials allowing for a delicious and precise brew
  • The ability to have variable temperatures
  • Built-in temperature gauge – brew at the right temperature
  • Timer In-built – brew at the exact right time
  • Auto Start functionsautomatically start heating
  • And Auto hold functionsholds water at the right temperature always

What are The Best Brews For Gooseneck Kettles?

The Gooseneck ketttle’s features makes it perfect for brewing coffees such as:

  • Just Brewing Water For a Classic Brew
  • Kone Brew
  • Chemex
  • Pour-over coffee
  • Drip coffee
  • Vietnamese Coffee
  • Aeropress Coffee

Basically any manual method will suit and benefit from using a pour over coffee kettle.

If you need ultra pour control the gooseneck is your tool.

Does Your Coffee Taste Better Using A Pour Over Kettle

A Gooseneck kettles will enable you full control over the amount of water poured into a special brew.

Using precision when pouring water onto coffee allows for an accurate blend which leads to an amazing tasting coffee.

An even pour can drasticly enhance the flavor of the brew. An accurate pour balances the coffee grounds, which reduces the bitterness and sourness of a coffee.

The Pour Over Verdict

Just get your hands on one! They make your coffee making experience so much better, they look ultra cool and make your life easier.

Don’t settle for low standards in life, go after the best coffee making experience you can find. This will be achieved by buying a Pour over kettle today!

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