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Pipamoka (Coffee Maker Magic!)

Need a new coffee making experience? If so then the Pipamoka Coffee Maker is for you without a doubt!

Brew and drink from a single device, which is super simple to use and lets you enjoy an awesome cup of coffee everytime.

Let us show you the Pipamoka below.

What is So Special About The Pipamoka Coffee Maker?

Well, there is actually nothing like it on the market at the moment. So the special part about it is that it brews very quickly and is the all in one solution.

It keeps your freshly brewed cup of coffee hot for hours utilising the thermo mug. No need for transfering from one device to another which looses heat!

Pipamoka is engineered to consistantly brew a clean, flavourful cup everytime.

Most coffee makers rely on pressure pushing down. The Pipamoka uses a unique vacuum zone that generates suction force drawing hot water downwards through the coffee grounds while you twist up.

The coffee is directly brewed inside the insulated thermal mug.

This device brews coffee in record time which produces a smooth, and amazingly balance cup of coffee.


So convinient and hassle free! Watch it in action here.

The Pros and Cons of the Pipamoka?

At first when I got my first ever Pipamoka pressure coffee brewer I was a little skeptical.

But once I followed the instruction booklet and made a coffee with it, I was amazed.

It is really simple to use and compact and light. This makes it perfect for travel and people on the go.

Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, with milk or on ice the Pipamoka has you covered for your daily caffine needs.

The Pros of Pipamoka

Here are the benefits of using this device:

  • Light, duable and compact
  • Simple and easy to use
  • All in one device (No need for other devices)
  • Comes with Thermo mug 300ml
  • Hand powered – no need for power or batteries
  • Quick extraction time
  • Great for travel, camping and work
  • Versitile, brew cold or hot to your liking
  • Uses minimal ground coffee beans
  • Comes with funnel, scoop, brush and instruction booklet
  • Carry bag included
  • Great tasty brew full of aroma (depending on coffee used)
  • Brews long blacks, cold brew or espresso style coffee’s
  • Easy twist and brew method that is fool proof!

The Cons of Pipamoka

After using the device for a while these were the downsides:

  • Can be a little firm when first twisting to make a coffee causing some strain on hands
  • When taking chamber out of thermo mug a few drips can occur
  • Still need to heat milk seperately

The Perfect Grind For your Pipamoka!

Depending on the style of coffee you are going to produce with the Pipamoka will determine your grind courseness,

Long Black Pipamoka

This type of coffee will need a medium-coarse coffee grind for perfect results.

Espresso Style Pipamoka

For the latte lover you will need to grind coffee medium – fine for epic taste.

Cold Brew Pipamoka

Last but not least the cold brew style requires a fine grind of coffee to work well.

That is the basics but if you want a super amazing brew coffee that will blow your mind, then you will have to use the right grind.


How Do You Use the Pipamoka Pressure Coffee Brewer?

Following are the steps to use when making a coffee with the Pipamoka.

Here is what you need to make that perfect brew:

  • Pipamoka Coffee Maker
  • 16grams (2 scoops) of Premium Quality Coffee Beans
  • 260ml hot water (9 oz)
  • Timer
  • Grinder (recommended for grinding beans)

Things to Do Prior To Brewing with the Pipamoka Coffee Maker

Ensure sure your Device is clean before use.

It is recommended starting with whole bean coffee and grinding with a burr grinder before brewing for the best results.

Make sure you use quality water for boiling for best results.

How To Use the Pipamoka Coffee Maker (Quick and Easy Steps!)

Step 1.

Place the device on a flat surface and remove the lid, take out funnel, and coffee filter.

Step 2.

Now remove lid from filter basket and place included funnelon top of basket(this avoids spillage).

Add 2 scoops (16grams) of ground coffee into filter. (Choose grind that suits type of coffee you make, see above grinds, long black, espresso, cold brew.)


Step 3.

Place lid on basket. Now fill thermo mug with boiling water up to fill lines, 1 cup, 2 cup etc.

Drop filter into the water chamber. (Orange facing down)


Step 4.

Let filter basket sink to bottom of chamber for 40 secounds.

Now give the device a little tap to remove any air in filter basket and place lid onto water chamber.

Step 5.

Once in place turn the orange control ring counter-clockwise (This starts the extraction process)

Keep turning until full thread is showing. Use a steady pace.


Step 6.

Once chamber has fully risen remove the water chamber from the mug.

Step 7.

Screw lid back onto mug and enjoy your hot cup of coffee.

Just add what you like to suit your taste buds!


How Does The Pipamoka Vacuum Pressure Work?

The Pipamoka is very unique and a great tool to add to your coffee making quiver.

Twisting the control ring forces the water chamber upwards which creates a suction force drawing hot water downwards through the coffee grounds.

The freshly brewed coffee then is ready to drink straight away in the thermo mug.

Pipamoka brew method makes it almost impossible to make a bad brew. Say goodbye to poor extractions and bad techniques, this device will leave you with smooth, balanced and non-bitter extraction everytime.

Buy the Pipamoka Coffee Maker today and follow the detailed instructions on how to make the best coffee on the planet with absolutly no skills.


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