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Bellman Espresso and Steamer – Cx 25p (Review!)

Is coffee and camping your biggest passions? If so you are going to want to hear about this amazing coffee brewer the Bellman Espresso and Steamer CX-25P.

This coffee maker will appeal to coffee lovers who like espresso-based coffee drinks such as the famous flat-white, the old classic cappuccino, long black and pure magical espresso.

We think this coffee brewer is out of this world amazing because it solves all your problems of brewing coffee while camping. Need perfect espresso extraction? Bellman has you covered! Need steamed silky milk to add? Bellman has you covered!

What Is A Bellman Espresso and Steamer – Cx 25p?

The Bellman Espresso and Steamer is basically an all-in-one espresso machine built to be used on a camping stove.

The problem with other coffee brewers is that you need to boil water seperately, heat milk seperatly which all involves extra equipment.

Our new Bellman Espresso machine has it all included in one ultra smart design which will impress any coffee fanatic.

The Portable Espresso Machine incorporates very similar principles to espresso machines. the Bellman builds up the correct pressure to extract coffee, and best of all it features a steam wand for texturing milk for your favourite style of coffee drink.

Bellman is mostly made from stainless steel, The device is built super tough and suited for adventurous people who love the great outdoors.

Bellman stovetop

Who Would Need a Bellman Espresso and Steamer – Cx 25p?

Pretty much anyone who loves the great outdoors and loves quality made premium coffee. If you are one of these instant kinds then maybe you won’t have what it takes to create professional-grade coffee, so I would steer clear.


Because making great coffee products takes a little skill, patience, and a passion for beautiful tasting things.

I have what it takes, do you?

Coffee Lover!

So if this sounds like you, I would get one and change the way you camp. This new-age device will change your life for the better.

All in one coffee-making tool that is essential for the camping and caravaning masses.

Most suited to:

  • Camping & Caravaning
  • Stove tops gas and electric
  • Adventurous People
  • Coffee lovers who love quality espresso

Making Espresso With the Bellman Espresso and Steamer – Cx 25p

Here we will show you how to make a coffee with the Bellman. But with all things this is just a guide, you may have some exceptional skills or be totally new.

Just follow these steps to success!

Step 1.

First load up the filter basket with finely ground coffee suited for espresso. (load the grinds to the brim for best extraction)

Bellman stovetop

Step 2.

Fill the reservoir of the Bellman with water to the appropriate level needed.

(Hot Tip, pre-boiled water will speed up the brew time.)

Step 3.

Place filter over shaft and gently lower into water chamber. Once in place attach the lid and tighten up the top nut firmly.

(Make sure you close the steam and coffee valves.)

Step 4.

Now turn on the stove.

When the temperature needle leaves the zero mark, place a cup under the coffee spout and open the coffee valve.

Doing this allows for a perfect coffee extraction without the splutter.

Leave the valve open until the first spurt of coffee appears, then close off the valve.

When the gauge reads 1.5bar, turn off the heat, gently opening the coffee valve to start extraction of coffee. If spluttering occurs, close the valve and gently open again.

Step 5.

Fill the desired amount of extracted coffee into cup or mug. (Should fill 2 glasses)

Step 6.

Either drink straight espresso or you can steam your milk to add to your coffee.

Bellman stovetop gauge

Steaming Milk With The Bellman Espresso Machine

To add milk to your perfect beverage you will need to close the coffee valve and re-apply heat to build pressure for steaming milk.

Step 1.

With the stovetop turned on let the Bellman Espresso Machine CX-25P reach between 2-3bar.

Make sure to purge the steam wand and dip it into your pitcher of milk.

Here you will begin texturing your milk by opening the valve, make sure you keep an eye on the pressure gauge.

Recommended to keep the stove on at low heat once at the right pressure, if the pressure builds too quickly, turn the stove off.

When steaming your milk start up high near the side of pitcher and allow for a little air to get in-between your wand and milk.

Stay here until the pitcher gets slightly warm then dip deep into a pitcher and keep heating until at desired heat. (Just too hot to touch approx)

Pull out wand and wipe wand and give a little purge so that milk doesn’t clog up wand.

(Hot Tip, you can steam enough milk for two coffees.)

Step 2.

Pour textured milk into espresso and do your best to be the barista in your campground.

Enjoy your fresh cup of joe legend!

You will probably be bombarded by fellow campers wanting a coffee, so be aware!

Bellman stovetop wand

Cleaning The Bellman Espresso and Steamer – Cx 25p

Cleaning up the Bellman is super simple.

Just make sure you purge the remaining steam from your device by opening the steam and coffee valves.

Now just basically pull it apart, discard the used coffee ground puck, and wash the components properly.

Dimensions and Weight of the Bellman Espresso and Steamer

You would be right to assume that the Bellman is massive after seeing most industrial coffee machines out there.

But it isn’t.

The unique design of the Bellman makes it so compact and light which is perfect for camping and taking it with you on adventures.

Bellman Technical Specs

  • Materials: 18/8 Stainless Steel, Durable Bakelite
  • Dimensions: 17 × 21.5 × 20.5cm
  • Brews: 1, 2, 3, 6, or 9 Cups of Coffee
  • Compatible: Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Campfire, Induction (must be suitable for 304 grade stainless steel)
  • Weight: 1.24 kg

Bellman Espresso Main Features

Super Easy Stovetop Espresso – Brew rich, spot on creamy espresso on gas, electric, ceramic and most induction cooktops.

Handy Attached Pressure Gauge – This tells you exactly when it’s time to pull your espresso shots and when your brewing is complete.

Awesome Cafe-Style Milk Steaming – Create silky, creamy steamed milk just like a barista using the cafe-style steam wand.

Mega Durable Construction – Made with 18/8 stainless steel and durable bakelite for decades of use.

Campsite Camping Ready – Light, portable, and great for campsite coffee.

Latest Model – This has an updated Pressure Gauge

Everything a camping man or women would want in a coffee maker!

Bellman stovetop espresso maker

How Much Does Bellman Espresso Cost?

You can find the Bellman for around $279 from a bunch of online coffee stores. But nothing is going to beat our deal of the day today.

Today only we will take off 15% of the retail price and throw in a FREE 250gram bag of high-quality coffee beans freshly roasted over wood.

That is not all we will also offer FREE postage for spending over $100! That is awesome.

>>Click Here To Buy Yours!<<

If this doesn’t look like the coffee tool for you then take a look at these other amazing products.

If you end up buying a Bellman Espresso machine for camping or home you will need a few extra’s such as:

  • Milk Pitcher
  • Bellman Tamper
  • Bellman Espresso Paper filters (Finer espresso)

Bellman Espresso and Steamer – Cx 25p Product Overview

Your purchase of a Bellman includes everything you need to create the perfect espresso. All the components in one handy device.

This coffee maker solves all the problems you have when camping. In other simular products you will need a few extra devices to create the same coffee drinks.

Extra equipment other coffee equipment requires includes:

  • Milk jug for heating milk
  • Kettle to boil water

It just makes for an extra step which can be a little annoying.

It is a really well-made device that you will want to take everywhere outdoors.

The size of the Bellman is smaller than you think in a tool that does this much which makes it nice and compact for the outdoors.

It is just such a simple device that you will love.

The Good & Bad Of The Bellman Espresso and Steamer – Cx 25p

Why we love a Bellman:

  • Compact
  • Durable – Strong and well made, will last for years
  • Makes really good espresso style drinks
  • Super unique
  • Can make coffee for more than 2 cups
  • Versatile – basic operation
  • Coffee is extracted well (tasty)
  • Great for camping and the outdoors
  • Easy to clean
  • Has replacement parts
  • Heats on stove top or camping stoves excellently
  • Includes 1 x pack of 25 filters

The bad bits:

  • You may wince a little at the price tag initially but it really is worth the price to drink delicious espresso style coffee
  • It looks a little odd for a at home espresso machine

Does The Bellman Easily Fit In To Car?

Yes! It is worth taking with you everywhere, adventure trips, camping, caravanning, hiking, at home, or even sports days!

The size and weight of the unit are excellent and will fit anywhere.

Our Opinion On The Bellman Espresso and Steamer

We think it is a game-changer for coffee lovers when camping. It just steps up your game and makes making coffee outdoors super easy.

Half of the problem is carrying all the different parts for coffee. But with the Bellman, you have it all in one device.

We recommend grabbing yours now and start enjoying camping, even more, the next time you head off!

Bellman Espresso and Steamer At A Glance

Go on and join the espresso revolution in the great outdoor arena.

Your family and friends will be blown away if you add this to your camping equipment must-haves.

If you’re into espresso-style coffee, the Bellman Espresso and Steamer CX-25P is a terrific choice for flat-whites, lattes, espresso, cappuccino and other types around the campsite.

What other piece of coffee equipment can do all of this outdoors? Nothing comes close.

Name: Bellman Espresso and Steamer – Cx 25p (AUSTRALIA)
Price Range: $279 AUD
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

Learn more about coffee here:

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