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What is Coffee Culture? (Go Deep Inside!)

Have you ever wondered why there is so much fuss over coffee these days and what is coffee culture in today’s society?

In only a short period of time the Cafe scene around the world, well especially the Western world has exploded. Coffee shops have become a global sensation!

This global shift has really been ramping up over the past few decades due to globalisation and the appreciation for premium high quality coffee.

And the coffee culture is becoming deeper and deeper ingrained in today’s society. Heck! I can’t go a day without brewing my special beans.

It’s not that I need the caffine, but it is the process, the habit that we have developed over time and a sense of belonging to a tribe.

Coffee shops and coffee houses have existed for nearly 500 years in certain countries but only now are once rare cities and countries getting into the cafe scene.

What Does Coffee Culture Mean?

The culture of coffee relates to the traditions and social behaviors that surround the consumption of coffee.

Espresso became very popular in the late 20th century in the western world mainly because of it’s stimulant effects and social aspects.

It’s culture dates back to the 14th century in Turkey where cafe’s were used as social hubs, interlectual and artistic centres. To this day coffee houses have become institutions for young and old.

A place to hang, chat be seen and meet like minded people. When you think of coffee culture you think of cool, art, music and trendy.

It’s all about the ambience, moods and the smell. But we are all so unique when it comes to coffee taste. Some love it strong, weak, black or milky and we all have very strong opinions about what is right and wrong.

Coffee culture is constantly changing and growing by the day as it finds itself sprawling into regional towns and different cities.

What Is Coffee Culture Got To Do With People

Connection, there I said it. Drinking coffee is not generally about the coffee at all but the relationships we form, the connections, the love we feel when we join as a group of friends and talk about our lives and expereinces.

This is what real coffee culture is all about. And it doesn’t matter which country you are from we all share the same human need to feel connected to one another.

What Cultures Drink Coffee?

Below we will show you the top coffee consuming nations around the world.

Did you know that coffee is the second most popular drink to water?

Worldwide we consume around 150 million bags of coffee a year, which is equal to 10 milllion tonnes a year.

Here are some of the the most popular cultures that love their caffene:

  • Italy – I think we all know that one, they like their espresso which is a shot of coffee in a small cup drunken like a shot of alchol.
  • Mexico – The traditional drink is brewed in eartware pots, filled with cinnimin sticks which add spice and gives it a healthy kick.
  • Saudi Arabia – Coffee is the stimulant of choice because alchol is banned and they love it dark, bitter, served with cardamom. Sometimes they love adding dates to cut the flavor.
  • Turkey – These guys love their coffee black and treat it more like a desert rather than a morning pick me up. Brewed in a copper pot and very ho, usually served with dinner.
  • Denmark – These guys really love their “Kaffee” and you can find people in packed cafes all around scandinavia.
  • Indonesia – Indo serves coffee a different way, they like to leave the sediment in the cup and generally black. Here you can find the most expensive coffee in the world called“kopi luwak”. This comes from the Luwak animal which eats the beans and then passes it through it’s system into your cup!
  • Ethiopia – Coffee here is called buna and is generally only poured by the woman from a high height into each cup. They love to flavour their drink wiht butter and salt.

So according to the International Coffee Organisation (IOC) the highest per capita consuming countries are as follows:

(This is Kg per person)

  • Finland – 12 Kgs
  • Norway – 9.9Kgs
  • Iceland – 9.0Kgs
  • Denmark – 8.7Kgs
  • Netherlands – 8.4Kgs
  • Sweden – 8.2Kgs
  • Switzerland – 7.9Kgs
  • Belgium – 6.8Kgs
  • Luxembourg – 6.5Kgs
  • Canada – 6.5Kgs

There are countless countries that love coffee and have a huge coffee culture. Now days everyone drinks coffee so the culture is forever changing.

What is The Coffee Capital of The World?

Vienna is supposely the “Coffee Capital of the world” and is the birthplace of filtered coffee.

So if you are a coffee-addict then to seek enlightnment you must visit this city in Italy.

But this will depend who you talk to. Coffee is getting pretty darm awesome in places around the world. In my opinion I would say Vietnam but that’s just me.

Which City Has The Best Coffee In The World?

Again, depending on your travel experience and taste, the city with the best coffee options include:

  • Melbourne (Australia)
  • Rome (Italy)
  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Wellington (New Zealand)
  • Reykjavik (Iceland)
  • London (UK)
  • Seattle (US)
  • Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • Singapore

Debateable, do you have any favourites?

The Best Coffee Beans in The World

Generally coffee loves to be near the equator within high altitudes, so this list is probably pretty accurate considering where most of the coffee is sourced. Here is a list of the best producing countries:

  • Tanzania Beans
  • Ethiopian Beans
  • Mocha Java Coffee
  • Sumatra Beans
  • Hawaii Kona Coffee
  • Nicaraguan Beans
  • Colombian Beans
  • Kenya Beans
  • Guatemalan Beans

It can take a bit of trial and error to find the best bean that suits you, so get cracking and start testing with some of these blends.

Which Country is Famous For Coffee?

Brasil is probably one of the most famous because it technically produces the most coffee. At a staggering 2,595,000 metric tonnes a year!

But I would say Italy is, this country is what comes to mind when you say coffee.

Which Country Has the Best Coffee In the World?

Well I’am Australian and my opinion is that Australia does the best coffee in the world.

But you decide, Some say Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Arab countries, Ethiopia etc.

Coffee Culture in A Nutshell

The Characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people that love coffee are generally hipster in persona. But studies reveal that everyone is almost into coffee and caffine in some type of form.

Whether you love to drink at home with family and friends while sitting on the deck.

Going out with girls after gym and gossiping at you cool local cafe.

Cycling 50 Kilometers with mates and hanging out at a cafe sipping a hot brew telling stories of how the ride unfolded.

We all have one thing in common when it comes to coffee and that is human connection which is one of the most important human needs on the planet!

This is probably why it is such an important part of all cultures. With a increasingly unconnective world due to smartphones and long work hours this is the one place we can connect and share our true feelings and be free.

Coffee Culture is here to stay, hooray!

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