How To Make Coffee With A Coffee Press (Awestruck!)

Want to make that perfect coffee at home or work that will make friends and work collegues jealous? If so we will show you how to make coffee with a coffee press down below the right way!

It can take a bit of practice to brew the perfect cup with a press because there are a few secret techniques that you probably don’t know about.

Once you master the coffee press it will change your social status amoungst your tribe.

Read on to get the best techniques and tips that will make you a coffee making superstar!

What Is The Purpose Of A Coffee Press

Well that’s easy, to extract pure black liquid gold from the astonishing coffee bean.

Without a tool to extract coffee from the ground bean you would have a terrible mess, disgusting texture and an aweful coffee experience.

The full purpose of a coffee press is to force pure water through ground coffee which acts as a dissolvement.

At the molecular level it consists of two hydrogen atoms that are positivly charged on one side. And one oxygen atom that is negativly charged on the other side.

This attracts the atoms to each other and bonds with the water dissolving the coffee granuals.

The hotter the water the faster they bond and dissolve creating the different flavour compounds in the coffee.

Once the water comes into contact with the ground coffee the different flavours will start coming out in this particular order:

  • Fats & Acids (Acids contribute sour flavours) (Fats add body)
  • Sugars – (Take longer to dissolve than fats & acids)
  • Plant Fibres (Fibres can taste dry & Bitter)

The rule of thumb when brewing coffee is not to under extract. (Results in sour tasting coffee) Over extracting (Results in Bitter tasting coffee).

That is why you want to ideally extract the coffee for that sweet, ripe, complex finish. End result is the perfect tasting coffee and this can be done with the coffee press and any coffee tool on the market today.

What Is The Best Coffee For A Coffee Press?

Personal preferance will be taken into account here but generally speaking try a medium to dark roast type of bean. Make sure you buy high quality whole roasted beans.

Don’t use pre-ground coffee because it loses freshness to quickly resulting in bad tasting coffee.

For the best coffee try purchasing anything from these regions that include:

  • Ethiopia
  • Colombia
  • Sumutra
  • Guatemala
  • Kenya

If you want to buy our personal favourite blend that suits the coffee press checkout Finefellows here.

Best Press Grind

Make sure you use a course grind for coffee press. The texture want’s to resemble breadcrumbs.

The reason this is coarse is because the hot water will be brewing with the coffee for a little amount of time. So a fine grind will cause over extraction resulting in your coffee tasting very bitter.

How Much Coffee Do You Put Into A Coffee Press?

Depending on equipment but for today we will using a French Press that holds about 1 Litre of water.

For this amount of water you will add 51grams of beans.

How Long Do You Wait To Press Coffee?

It is recommended to wait about 4 minutes to really let the water and coffee combine. This will bring out all those amazing flavours.

How To Make Coffee With A Coffee Press Step By Step

Step .1 Measure Coffee Beans

For our example we will be using 946ml of water. So you will need 51grams of freshly ground coffee.

Step .2 Grind Your Coffee Bean

Using the coarse setting on your grinder ensure it is coarse, a little like breadcrumbs. Find the best coffee grinder here!

  • Grind Coffee no more than 15 minutes before use
  • If you aren’t happy with the taste change grind settings. Finer grind will end up weaker coffee, whiile coarser grind will be stronger

Step .3 Boil The Water – Then Cool

Heat water to 91 Degrees Celcius using an electric or stovetop kettle. Need the best kettle buy it here!

Now remove the water from the heat and allow it to cool for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Add to ground coffee.

Step .4 Prepare your Chosen Press

It is advised to pre-heat press before use and make sure all the parts are working correctly.

Place ground coffee into press.

Looking for a Coffee Press? Then check out these beauty’s.

Step .5 Add Hot Water To Coffee

Mix the heated water with the coffee grinds.

Make sure you only fill equipment halfway up at first. Let coffee sit for 1 minute then give a slight stir.

Step .6 Add Water to Top

Now stir coffee in and fill press to the top with the remaining hot water.

Try to break up the layer of grounds uisng an up and down motion.

Step .7 Allow Coffee to Steep (Sit) for another 3 Minutes)

Dont press yet! Allow coffee to steep for another 3 minutes to bring out all those wicked flavours that we all love.

Step .8 Press Plunger (Push Down Until Down)

Gently push the plunger to the bottom of the vessle. Do not press to hard all the coffee will agitate.

Slow and steady wind the race.

Step .9 Pour and Serve Coffee Straight Away

Now your coffee is ready to serve! Don’t let it sit around for too long this will affect the taste.

How Do You Make The Best Coffee Ever?

With practise! You can’t expect to be the master at brewing coffee straight away, it takes time and alot of trial and error.

But with the help of these little guides you should be able to speed up your learning curve.

Hot tips for making the best coffee ever are:

  • Use cold filtered water. Quality water makes a bigg difference. (For the best water filter try out this amazing product!
  • Measure your coffee correctly using a measuring spoon or scales
  • Heat your water to the correct temperature (also heat milk correctly)

Is The Press Coffee Bad For You?

Well everyting is ok in moderation. But studies have shown that too many cups of coffee press coffee can lead to increasing your bad cholestrol levels.

In this case it is recommended to use filtered coffee such as the pour over method.

According to Dr. Eric Rimm, epidemiology professor at Harvard School of Public Health, “five to eight cups a day of unfiltered coffee may actually raise your ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol.” Reference

Best Coffee Press On The Market For You!

If you are in the market for the best coffee press on the market then take a look at these amazing products:

  • Varia Mult Brewer (6 in one brew machine)
  • Hario Coffee Press 4 Cup – Olive Wood
  • Bodum Chambord Cup Press – Gold – 3 Cup
  • Aeropress

The biggest tips for making great coffee is to:

  • Buy quality beans that have been freshly roasted
  • Use Filtered quality water
  • Correct grind for equipment use
  • Best quality brewing equipment
  • Extract coffee correctly using a process

Follow these simple steps and you will be on target to making the best coffee’s at home this year and beyond.

Read our other help guides to get you started the right way:

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