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Body Brew Coffee Maker (Best Cold Brew!)

Summer is coming for some and we know what that means! It is time to grab your Body Brew Coffee Maker and create the Best Cold Brew on the planet.

There are a few different types of cold brew brewers out there but we think this one is the best! Let us show you why below.

Body Brew Coffee Maker
Body Brew Coffee Maker

What is Special About Cold Brew Coffee and the Body Brew Coffee Maker?

Cold Brew Coffee is alot sweeter and smoother than hot coffee. Hot coffee must be used almost straight away or the flavour will diminish and taste realy bad.

Cold Brew can be stored in refridgeration for up to two weeks and still stay delisious!

Body Brew cold brew coffee is less aciditic by up to 67% compared with regular brew methods and because the grounds don’t get exposed to air it tastes less bitter and has a load more flavour.

Amazing for summer and hot climates when added to ice. And once you brew it you just have to pour pre-made brew straight into your glass.

Body Brew Coffee Makers

So convinient and hassle free! Watch it in action here.

Is Cold Brew Stronger than Regular Coffee?

In general yes it is, depending on brew times when brewed.

Cold brew methods brew for a long time and uses more coffee for the process resulting in more caffine extracted.

Also Cold brew uses a higher coffee to water ratio giving you a stronger coffee.

The Body Brew coffee maker instruction booklet gives you a great guide to get the strength of brew you desire.

Concentration Strength is as follows with the Bod system:

  • 12 hours minimum strength
  • 24 hours a medium strength
  • 36 hours strong
  • 72 + hours very strong

How Do you Make Cold Brew Coffee?

There are many different methods that can be used to produce cold brew coffee.

The basic proccess goes like this:

  • Grind your beans (Course)
  • Combine coffee with water in jar
  • Stir to mix properly
  • Steep the coffee overnight or for a few days (Let sit!)
  • Strain the coffee concentrate
  • Transfer cold brew to clean jar for storage
  • Serve how you like! (straight, milk etc)

That is the basics but if you want a super amazing cold brew coffee that will turn heads, then you will have to use the Body Brew Coffee Maker.

How Do You Use the Body Brew Coffee Maker?

Following are the steps to use when making an expert cold brew using the Body Brew system.

Here is what you need to make that perfect brew:

  • Body Brew Coffee Maker
  • 3 1/4 Cups (8 oz) of Premium Quality Coffee Beans
  • 5 Cups of water (40 oz)
  • Filtered Water (Good quality)
  • Timer
  • Mug or cup for drinking
  • Grinder (recommended for course grind)
  • Coffee Scales (optional)

Things to Do Prior To Brewing with the Body Brew Coffee Maker

Ensure sure your Body Brewer is clean before using.

It is recommended starting with whole bean coffee and grinding with a burr grinder before brewing for the best results.

Using a scale or measuring cup alleviates the guesswork and really makes brewing easier. Consistancy is key!

Make sure you have quality water on hand for tastiest results.

It is super important to be using quality ingredients for equipment, coffee and water to maximise the best cold brew coffee in the world.

Selecting The Cold Brew Grind Coarseness for the Body Brew Coffee Maker

The grind coarseness is very important for all different types of coffee beans.

Body Brew or cold brew grind is best coarse like breadcrumbs.

How to grind coffee coarse
Coarse grind

Adjusting your settings to the largest (course)

This will ensure a sweet and flavourful taste when brewed.

How To Use A Body Brew Coffee Maker (Success Steps!)

Step 1.

Place the free-standing coffee filter upright with the open side up on a flat surface.

Add 3 1/4 cups (8 oz) of coarsely ground coffee into filter.

Body Brew Coffee Maker

Step 2.

Now twist and lock the filter cap straight onto filter basket.

Step 3.

Insert the filter basket into the bottom of the brew chamber and screw cartridge on tightly. (Can leak if not properly attached!)

Body Brew Coffee Maker

Step 4 of How To Use Body Brew Coffee Maker.

Flip the brew chamber over and begin adding quality water (5 cups or fill to line)

Using less coffee you will need to adjust your ratio. Less coffee = Less water.

Step 5.

Now screw the storage (extraction chamber) onto the brew chamber firmly.

Step 6.

Once all together properly start to flip the body brewer for a few seconds to maximise the saturation of the coffee grounds. (This prevents any dry grounds in your brew which can effect the brew.)

Midway through the brew cycle flip the body brewer for a few seconds to enhance the brew. (Results in a richer & bolder coffee extraction)

Body Brew Coffee Maker

Step 7.

Now let brew for 12- 48 hours at room temperature. (Do not put in refrigerator)

Alot of people brew for roughly 18-24 hours but if you like it strong brew it for longer. Brewing at room temperature maximises extraction and flavour.

Here is the concentrate strength guide:

  • 12 hours minimum strength
  • 24 hours a medium strength
  • 36 hours strong
  • 72 + hours very strong

Step 8.

Once required time has passed flip the chamber over.

Brewed coffee will automatically transfer into the extract chamber for storage in the refrigerator.

Allow extract to drain for around 5 minutes. Each brew cycle will produce about 8-12 servings (24 oz).

There is an option of re-brewing grounds once done if you like.

Step 9.

If you would like to re-brew using the exisitng coffee grounds then just leave everything the way it is and re-fill the bottom compartment only to the top of the filter.

Brew time for the secound run only wants to be from 8-12 hours long.

Step 10 – Clean up Mess!

It is super simple to clean the Body Brew and assosiated parts.

It only takes a few seconds.

Remove all the compartments, dispose of coffee grounds and just rinse each item until it is clean.

Body Brew Coffee Makers

Can you Use Normal Ground Coffee for Cold Brew?

Yes! Make sure the gind level is set to course, simular to breadcrumb consistancy.

It needs to be as course as your machine will let you go for the best flavour extraction out of your bean.

Too fine and the coffee will be over extracted, leaving you with a bitter taste.

How Do you Sweeten Cold Brew Coffee?

There are numerious ways and products you can use to satisfy that sweat tooth of yours.

Here are the best ways to sweeten your freshly made brew:

  • Liquid sugar (Just boil hot water and add raw sugar to dissolve!)
  • Honey (Melt honey in hot water then add to cold brew)
  • Maple syrup (Add Maple syrup to liking)

Other alternatives that can be used include:

  • Lemongrass and Molassis
  • Nutmeg and Vanilla Extract
  • Ginger and Honey
  • Cayenne Pepper and Cocao powder
  • Cinnamon and Maple Syrup

Can you Add Milk to Cold Brew Coffee?

We love cold milk added to our cold brew. This is entirely up to you and what you like.

Milk that can be added to cold brew include:

  • Full Cream Milk
  • Soy Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Goats Milk

And so on! This will add to the sweetness of your coffee. Man this post is making me thirsty for a cold brew coffee taste sensation!

What Happens if you Brew Cold Brew too Long in the Body Brew Coffee Maker?

Brewing for too long can result in over extraction of the coffee.

Too much flavour will be released frorm ground beans causing a very bitter tasting brew.

Follow the recommended times that I have shown you and you will never have to expereince a bad BodyBrew cold brew coffee.

Buy the Body Brew Coffee Maker Cold Brew System Today and follow the detailed instructions on how to make the best cold brew coffee on the planet.


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