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Best Way To Make Cold Brew Coffee (At Home!)

With summer just around the corner you are going to want to know the best way to make cold brew coffee at home!

Hot coffee just wont be satisfying on the palet when the weather is warm.

So cold brew is the way to go if you want a mega refreashing pick me up drink this summer.

Here is the best way to make cold brew coffee guide for your drinking pleasure!

History of Cold Brew Coffee

The first true evidence of cold brew coffee comes from Kyoto – Japan in the 1600’s.

Cold brew uses cold water and relies on time for the perfect cup.

Equipment You Will Need For Cold Brew

Here is what you need to make cold brew at home:

  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • (1 cup) of Quality Coffee Beans
  • Filtered water (5 cups, depending on machine)
  • 1 Mason Jar
  • Grinder (recommended – Course grind)
  • Coffee Scales

The Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

  • The brew is more mellow and less acidic than hot and iced coffee
  • Cold brew has a slow release caffeine hit compared to normal coffee.
  • Friendlier on your stomach (less acidity)
  • When brewed properly , it lasts for up to 10 days (batch brew friendly)
  • Making cold brew coffee concentrate is possible, which can be diluted or used in different recipes
  • It can be turned into nitro cold brew coffee also

Higher temperatures cause the coffee acids and oils to degrade and oxidize more quickly than cold brew techniques. This can lead to acidity and bitterness.

Many of the sweeter flavor compounds found in coffee beans are soluble even in cool water, but the oils and the acids are not. This leads to a brew that is more mellow and less acidic.

Things to Do Prior To Brewing

The first thing you need to do before brewing is finding a good piece of equipment that suits your needs.

Start with this handy little machine that will ensure you get a awesome drop everytime.

Try not to grind the coffee too early, as it may quickly lose it’s amazing attributes that give it it’s full flavour. So grind just before you are about to setup your brew.

Using a scale takes out the guesswork and really makes brewing easier, eliminate any variables that could result in a bad brew. Consistancy is key when brewing with any manual coffee makers.

Selecting The Grind Coarseness

The grind coarseness is very important for all different types of coffee beans.

The Cold Brew grind is to be (Coarse Ground, like bread crumbs).

Adjusting your settings on your hand grinder to perfect your grind may take a little trial and error.

But the results will be wicked!

Best Way To Make Cold Brew Coffee – Secret Steps To Success

Step 1.

Grab a measuring cup to organise a ratio of 1:5 coffee to water.

Step 2.

Measure & grind your top quality coffee to a course setting.(A little finer than bread crumbs)

Step 3.

Add ground coffee into equipment or jar. Try to use filtered water.

Step 4

Using your Cold Brew equipment let the mix steep (Sit) for around 15 hours. Try to steep in your fridge, if not just make sure it is sitting in room temperature.

Prepare Brew to drink the next day if possible.

Step 5.

Now Strain into jar or if using a machine follow the instructions for the equipment you are using.

You want ot filter the brew using a coffee filter.

Store in fridge once extracted and containers filled.

Step 6.

Mix brew and enjoy either with milk or water.

Ratio wants to be at a 1:1 ratio. Add ice cubes and enjoy!

Step 7.

Clean up Mess and clean equipment.

Cold Brew Tips

You should use a cold brew coffee ratio of 1:5 (ratio of coffee to water)

This is going to make you a well balanced concentrate which you can drink straight, or mix 1:1 with equal parts water, milk, or what ever tickles your fancy!

Best Way To Make Cold Brew Coffee Verdict

Some love the taste of cold brew but it isn’t for everybody. It is best made in summertime and is so refreashing.

Combine these methods with premium coffee and you have a match made in heaven.

Make sure you do not steep past 20 hours or the coffee will begin to taste weird.

Try to consume your cold brew within 7 days for the best flavours and experience.

Make sure you always use top quality beans, a great cold brew brewer and fresh filtered water for the best results.

Enjoy your creation and here is too summer!

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